So what is Teen Challenge about? If you have questions about Heart of America Teen Challenge, how we do things and other general questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you cannot find your answer here, then you may either contact us via the website or call us at (785) 594-3069.

Question: How long has Heart of America Teen Challenge been around?

Answer: Heart of America Teen Challenge of Greater Kansas City, Inc. has been in existence since the late 70’s. Our current facility was donated to us and opened for residents in 2000.

Question: What is my first step in getting someone into HOATC?

Answer: The Application Packet needs to be reviewed and the Application filled out by the potential student. This needs to be sent with a $25.00 Application fee to the HOATC Administrative office in Baldwin City, Kansas.

Question: Will HOATC take in persons with legal issues?

Answer: Only if the legal environment will be adjustable to HOATC structure.

Question: What about psychiatric medication?

Answer: HOATC will not accept a student if he is taking psychiatric medication.

What is the financial requirement?

Answer: Outside of a $250.00 Application and Intake fee HOATC requests $400.00 per month in partial support.